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Wade Deacon Trust is a Multi-Academy Trust and an approved DfE Academy sponsor. The Trust is focused upon improving life chances for students and communities providing sustainable school improvement; and schools joining the Trust do so with the prime aim of improving each other so that they can all become outstanding schools.

Map of our Trust Academies

Data table for our Trust Academies





 Support  Staff

Budget 2017/18

 Conversion      Date     

Wade Deacon High School


Secondary 1500 104 98 £8.7m March 2013

Widnes Academy


Primary 210 9 15 £0.8m February 2015

Hillside High School


Secondary 970 50 50 £4.8m March 2015

Sylvester Primary Academy


Primary 236 12 20 £1.2m January 2015

Halewood Academy


Secondary       1250 65 76 £6.5m February 2015

The Grange School


All through 1320 64 94 £5.0m January 2018


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